David Brooks

Great news! Sounds like the link player between forward and midfield for which many have been asking so fingers crossed it works out.

Also great to hear the rumour about the failed medical was nonsense. Glandular fever is pretty serious but he must be completely over it for us to sanction the move.
Also he's 20, got years to develop and overcome and remnants of glandular fever.

I seem to know a few people who got glandular fever in their late teens. Is that a common time for it to appear?
Never really thought about it before but the only person I knew that got it was 18 at the time. According to the NHS site "Glandular fever mostly affects teenagers and young adults."

I've learnt something new today.
Interview suggests he's a grounded, modest character - promising. He looks even younger than "Babyface" Howe when he first played for us.
Eddie talking on COWS.

So by this I imagine our fans might have to show patience as Brooks will come through at our club in the same way as Lewis Cook.

AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe said: “David is a player we have been looking at for a long time.

“He is technically very good, has huge potential and will fit our philosophy in terms of how we want to play.

“We’ve seen enough to suggest he is a player who could be outstanding at this level in the future if he develops in the right way and is willing to learn and improve.
Good feeling about this signing! Him and Lewis Cook the start of a 'Young Guns' era for Afcb? Eddie must take a few gambles under the noses of the big spenders. The fans that moan about ageing heroes not being replaced are forced to be positive now? If Hyndman stays , this could fire him up to impose himself.
Eddie sticking to signing players from the leagues in the UK.

He hasn’t had a lot of success so far signing foreign players from clubs outside the UK.

Lys Mousset is still an exciting prospect for us and he is still a player on the ‘Eddie’ learning curve.

Just watched the interview with David Brooks and again Eddie mentioned as a reason to come here, also don’t think it was in the script, but he genuinely believes that.
If you haven’t seen it you might like to read this about David Brooks when he first played for a team.

New-signing David Brooks joins the Cherries from Sheffield United, and we trace his path to Vitality Stadium through quotes from the people who have shaped his journey.

Born in Warrington in July 1997, Brooks was already playing with local club Woolston Rovers not far into the new millennium.

“David came to us as a four-and-a-half-year-old kid. He was one of the best players in the team, for sure, but the smallest by far. He had a great left foot and great balance, and came on leaps and bounds over the three or so years he was with us.”

Jason Flinders, who worked with Brooks at Woolston Rovers told the Sheffield Star.



Found it interesting considering Sheffield United's comments regarding his change in representation, that the same management agency also appears to have Steve Cook, Callum Wilson, Maxi Gradel, Lee Tomlin and Glenn Murray on the books.
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Its beginning to look like this is signing for the future, not for this season. I'm a little concerned about the season coming, I hope Eddie has some irons in the fire to improve the current first team.
Its beginning to look like this is signing for the future, not for this season. I'm a little concerned about the season coming, I hope Eddie has some irons in the fire to improve the current first team.
Surely EH is using his words to relieve the pressure on him to perform immediately if it takes time to adapt? Many supporters will look at the fee and demand instant results but by talking about him in this way Eddie may have made them think twice before they lay into him. Probably not but you can always try.

As a true AM who can act as a natural link between the strikers and midfielders we actually don't have anyone else like that and I can see him getting game time next season as the tactics demand. In a role a bit like Wilshere played some of the time for us.