Diego Rico

A choice of Dortmund or Bournemouth?

Bournemouth, obviously.

According to this, medical with us tomorrow
According to Google Translate:

"Although Borussia Dortmund and Real Sociedad had also bid with insistence in recent days (the first put 9 million, the second came to 11), the third offer of Bournemouth has been the one that has taken the cat to the water."

Sounds pretty cruel. I always knew Eddie Howe must have been hiding something behind the nice guy image.
having never seen him play i just hope he’s the business

part of a successful leganes side over the past few years who went up and stayed up easily, beating barcelona in the copa del rey (?)
Thank you for some factual information instead of ‘a player has a medical, a player may sign Wednesday or Thursday’. Looks a great signing if it goes through
I take it he would be ahead of Daniels? Or does he play anywhere other than LB? Means the door for Brad Smith as well I guess?
I would expect by the end of the season he will be, but as we've seen in the past it tends to take time for Eddie to drop\replace a player or for new player to impress more than the current player.
I also seem to remember we thought the same would happen with Mings and then he had has bad injury run.
It means Mings is definitely a CB now,

B.Smith hard to tell, we spent a bit of dosh on him at the time and we'll certainly not recoup that. I doubt Eddie will cut his losses and give up on him it's not Eddie's style.
Looking at the video clips (can be deceiving I know) he seems attack minded. Could play as a wing back, or even in front of Daniels as left midfielder at times?
There were games where it felt like Daniels was flagging last season but then, since he's essentially carried the LB load alone since we got promoted, it isn't a huge surprise. Having an option that's ready to step straight into the first team there is something we desperately need.

Funnily enough, the best left back performance I saw from us last season came from Adam Smith filling in there. However, our right back resources are even scarcer so he can't be considered anything more than an emergency option.

As for Brad Smith... sometimes it just isn't meant to be. Unless he can be pushed forward to play a more attacking role for the next season and then be the second option when Daniels hangs up his boots I think he may struggle to even get a chance to try and show what he can do. Being realistic though, he's 24 and essentially hasn't played for two seasons so for the sake of his career he should move on if the Rico deal comes to fruition. I'm sure there are a number of Championship sides on the lookout for an attacking LB.