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Sat in the garden. Glass of vino. Contemplating AFCB having an incredible 4th season of Premier league football. That means that by the end of next season, no matter what, £1/2 billion, would have passed through the clubs coffers. Still no build on the training pitches, or even a brick laid on the new ground.
Should I moan? Maybe not. We sit higher in status than Leeds, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Notts Forest, Derby, and a few others who believe it is their right to be near the top of the food chain.
It will be another season of ups and downs, Hoping to shock one of the top 6, and trying to eek out points from the rest.

Still living the dream, but maybe a touch peed off with the way we are run.
For the sake of a late Steve Fletcher goal 9 years ago, we could be fighting it out with Weymouth/Poole Town/Salisbury for local pride.
Next year we could be welcoming the Champions League winners to Dean Court (It will always be called that).
Ah well. Less thinking, more drinking.

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walked adjacent to the site today en-route to the game. there seems to be new (temporary) fencing all around the perimeter.