Francis and Surman both gone


Only a handful of them played last season (of the regular starters from promotion year, just Wilson, Cook, Fraser and Franno by my count). Include Daniels’ 2 games if you like.

Our failure to replicate their galvanising team spirit was the bigger cause.
Playing Devil's Advocate here, maybe it was partly the fact that these squad players were in no danger of replacing their counterparts (injuries aside) that made those on the pitch slightly too relaxed/ blase?

Part of team spirit (including actually being bothered to press when your strategy is reliant on pressing) is a healthy competition for places. If you're not doing the basics then you should expect to be hauled off and replaced by someone hungrier than you.
Absolutely right. Francis should have been shown the door at least 12 months ago. He was a liability last season and exposed by quality forwards whenever he played. Costly defensive blunders that cost goals and vital points.
You forgot to mention his 300 appearances for the club, helping elevate us to the PL... Him been (a worthy) club captain for many years, some great assists, crossing ability, and generally a Bournemouth great... and being part of possibly the greatest sides and periods in our history...

But that's cool... you point out the few times he's made mistakes and focus on those...

I agree in that it is probably the right time to let these players move on, but there is no need for the lack of respect shown here...
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Sad to see both players move on, but it has to be the right move.

Funny I remember thinking soon after Franno joined, this lad looks a bit cultured for the lower leagues, wonder if he'll get to play at a higher level .. Well he did & the championship memories of him skirting down the right to set up the goal vs leeds will long live in my memory. That was an enjoyable night.

Great memories of both players, credit to themselves & key parts bring us glories.

Time to move on though ...
Please, no more cheap shots at these two stalwarts of our club. Allow them to leave with their heads held high. They have earned it in spades. No one is interested in the "I told you so" commentary.

Two of the most quietly dedicated members of our squad and will be sadly missed. The very best to them both going forward, for them and let's not forget, their families.
I thought Surman might have been offered a small extension, as at the front end of the season he still looked like he had what it took to play a more mature role in the centre of the park, but when you look at what we currently have for central midfielders, you could probably argue, releasing him was the right decision...

Another great player for us and hopefully he'll get another club to see out his career with...

I can see Franno maybe moving with Molesley to Southend (ex player and all that), but maybe Lg 2 is a bit low for him...
Strange turn of events, but looks like it wasn't even Tindall's decision anyhow if it was a couple of weeks ago that Surman was told by Hughes... which in itself seems weird...!!!!

Regardless, considering JT has been in and around the club for what seems like ever, you'd think he would at least make time to have a small chat with Surman...