Freddie Woodman

We aren’t potentially getting in the keeper with the most clean sheets in the division last season to sit on the bench. Definitely means Begovic is on his way, but the fact that he’d been left behind from the pre season tour pretty much confirmed this anyway.
Very true. But equally a prudent move going into the final season of parachute payments.

Enables us to throw some money about without long term commitments to add to the ones we already have.
Yes also true. Certainly not adverse to one or two loans if it helps us to achieve our immediate goals. Just feel that for a club like us to be successful in the long term we need to go the Brentford route, buying up more unfashionable players and improving them to sell on at a profit.


Fans' Favourite
Don’t know much about him but he must be a very good keeper if he topped the chart for clean sheets last season.
He was in a team that was set up to defend tbf....I think I read a stat in the season that he had faced the least amount of shots of any keeper in the league!.....I'd like to see how many saves he actually made where near Bego on that score imo.