He's gone

Wonderful message he left and quite moving. not a complete surprise tbh l. I do think he is most likely drained and needs a rest after a difficult last couple of seasons. I’m sure they have a list of possible replacements.
Difficult to know how to read it, but:
"challenging few days and following extensive talks " does not seem to me like a straightforward 'I need a break' type situation.
I suppose not. The statement the other day sounded like the money and budget for some form of promotion push was there, I wonder what the stumbling blocks were.
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The new training facilities that didn’t happen.

The new stadium that didn’t happen.

Losing Nathan Ake from the squad.

Just a few of the possible reasons that are gonna be bandied about ....... but heck, facts don’t lie do they.

To be honest, I don’t blame Eddie one bit.
He's a legend , end of. Took us to the promised land on an incredible journey but...this season he has been poor. Sure we've had problems with players but his tactics have been poor , the style of football has been poor and some of his signings have been poor. Ultimately leading to our relegation. Although I'm very much disappointed as he has been in unbelievable for this club it is probably the right decision