He's gone

I do actually believe this was a mutual consent... I don't think he as sacked, I think it was a tough, long decision and he has walked away for a number of possible reasons...

The letter implies that even him and Jason will part ways as well... if he was sacked they would be staying together... moving on to the next club...

Gutted is an understatement but before we declare the end of the world and no-league football for us, I will wit to see who the club bring in...

Lee Johnson from Bristol City would get my vote...
Just a reminder, this is what Maxim said:

But I do not want the past five years to merely be memories that fade over time. I want to create new memories that match and better the ones that have gone before.
I am committed to taking this club back to the Premier League as soon as possible, to a level I believe we belong at.


New Signing
Just heard while driving home. Very sorry Eddie won't be around to have a crack at getting us back up. He did look emotionally exhausted after the Everton game so he probably feels now is the right time to step away for awhile. I think he will be back before too long. Whatever his future holds Eddie's given AFCB the most sustained period of success it's enjoyed in its history and for that we owe him and his staff a massive thank you.


Fans' Favourite
Obviously a legend - but I honestly think this is the right move
I’m afraid the magic that he once had left him towards the end of our 4th PL season
it has to be admitted that in far too many games last season we were truly dreadful and we probably deserved to go down.
Now it’s squeaky bum time hoping that whoever it is that decides the future direction for our club will make a sensible decision. Far too many washed up has beens out there for my liking.
Please, please somebody inspiring and competent.
The new training facilities that didn’t happen.

The new stadium that didn’t happen.

Losing Nathan Ake from the squad.

Just a few of the possible reasons that are gonna be bandied about ....... but heck, facts don’t lie do they.

To be honest, I don’t blame Eddie one bit.
Hold on a minute my friend.

Eddie got the club relegated, no one else. He was backed by Max to the hilt. I'm absolutely gutted he's gone but how far can we push things ?
Don’t think for a second we sacked him.
Surely that would have made more sense about 3 games into the restart. Makes absolutely no sense now.
He probably asked for reassurances around personnel and budget, and didn’t like what he got told.
Think with the young team we would have had remaining would have been ideally suited to Howe as manager in the championship. Would imagine a lot of players leaving now. Really hope he doesn’t take the palace job or another prem position in a few months as that won’t sit well.
gutted he's gone - hope it was purely his decision to walk, he needs a rest, and not that he asked for guarantees regarding playing budget but didn't get any
going to be a very interesting next few weeks
I cant think of anyone I really want as manager but please not hughton