How do you feel, right now?

We've done okay. A play off position is not a bad season. Plenty of teams struggle when first relegated. We have something to build on for next season now but need to be smart with our money.

Bournemouth are in my blood and I have sepsis.

But, like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 'it's only a flesh wound and I'll get better.'

Can't wait for next season to start. UTC!
Over the season as a whole? Definitely. Waz you are truly King of all the bedwetters.
You feel the need to tell another poster that you want them to leave the forum? Don’t you think that’s a little bit sad? just use the ignore button if it bothers you that much. I’m not too keen on you either for the record but I couldn’t care less whether you posted here or not lol
Indifferent now. That squad should have been promoted and we probably had one season to do it.

Squad will be carved up as we look to save money with at least the best 5 heading out the door...

I feel this starts the decline back to the lower leagues with nothing to show for it, as all us bedwetters feared.
Pretty much my exact sentiments. I'm in my 59th season of supporting the team and will always be 'Bournemouth till I die.' I think we'll see a greater exodus of personnel than the post Bond era and at the moment I see very little to be positive about.
Were this squad good enough? Not really if we are really honest. Hopeful from some announcement in the next few days from the club as to their intentions for next season, but I guess actions and events will speak louder than words.

We need a decent striker, Solanke though he tries hard isn't that. We'll lose some of our better players, can the youngsters step up?

Probably mid-table finish next year realistically and then a slow slide downwards after that.
I think there are some awful teams in this league and it'll take something special to finish in the bottom 3.
Mind you, back in August I'd have said it would take something special to not get promoted this season with this squad.
Feeling very flat
Before the first leg I'd resigned myself to not beating them, the positive being able to watch a competitive league next season rather than the inevitable relegation battle if we were in the PL
Im now thinking that was a failed self protection tactic, but Im sure reality and that positivity will return tomorrow
I think what makes our heartache different to that experienced by other teams that failed to get promoted is the fear of the unknown. Max leaving ? Managerial uncertainty ? Player fire sale ? Financial collapse ? Poor board decisions? If we had the infrastructure to match Brentford I would see this as a just a missed opportunity, but bring on next year !!
Relieved to have escaped the Premiership (that's a reminder of Wellsworld) without having to lose at Wembley, and not having to scrape enough points to survive. Looking forward to better grounds and less predictability with the matches most weeks of the season. Slightly concerned about the finances, but without Al's insights.