How do you feel, right now?

Well I have just taken my frustration out with 2 hours chainsawing on next winters log pile and I feel chilled. Anyone need anything cut up?
Bottom line is we paid the price of having no EH succession plan. A total failure of the Board. Who knows what happens now. I just want to be there to see it.
I have a few wrist watches I no longer like the look of, if you'd care to do the honours?
My 19 year old lad was devastated.

Me meh tbh, it would have been embarrassing in the PL.

Woodgate was embarrassing today. WTF was he thinking?

I would rather have 11 players giving their all. WTF was Billing doing today? WTF did Woodgate take off Brookes and keep him on?

I am also feeling despite all the above, the referee cost us the game. Absolute disgrace. Looked scared shitless, and reacted to the crowd. He even played 6 minutes in the first half. Unbelievable.

But mostly we were just not good enough all season.
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Well I have just taken my frustration out with 2 hours chainsawing on next winters log pile and I feel chilled. Anyone need anything cut up?
Bottom line is we paid the price of having no EH succession plan. A total failure of the Board. Who knows what happens now. I just want to be there to see it.
Frank through a wood chipper ala fargo
A bit bothered but not that much tbh.its been a very strange season with all that's gone on. I'm looking forward to watching championship football from the stands next season. The PL maybe the holy grail but it also brings out the worst in clubs and players , as we have seen. I'm lookin forward to seeing who jumps ship, who stays and who we bring in. I hope JW is still with us. He may lack experience but has that ' eddie-ness' about him in his passion and naivety and I believe with the right players we could get that ' us against the world ' feeling back. Some players have fallen well short of their ability and our expectations this season, add to the upheaval we had half way through and the players that left we've finished 6th in arguably the most competitive league in the world. No shame in that. We let ourselves down today when in total command of the tie but let's not dwell on that or let our heads drop. Let's build for next season, hold our heads up, get behin the lads in our tinpot stadium and enjoy meeting up with , debating with, singing with and drinking with all those people we haven't seen or sat next to for what seems an eternity. Up the Cherries

Poor job with substitutions by JW. Poor job of referring by Mr. Kangaroo (are there no British referees?). Jack, we hardly knew thee.


Would have preferred to lose to Swansea or Barnsley. Hope Brentford falls flat on their watches next week.


If Max is still serious about reaching the next level his first decision needs to be to go after a manager with a reputation and the know how to do so. Break the bank for Rafa or someone of that quality. Money does talk. I like Woodgate but he found the team in sixth, left the team in sixth. I wish JT had time with Jack, Pearson and Long. Woodgate is fine if we're just going to try to settle in the Championship but if the club has ambitions they need to do better.

Let's hope Mr. COVID goes away. I want to go to games again. Doesn't matter the league, miss Dean Court. UTCIAD.
The Swans/Barnsley standard was no worse than the sh*te served up at Brentford..kick and rush stuff...typical play-off fayre.

Go to a 4 up 4 down system...throughout the leagues...much fairer too.
Play - Offs are overrated.
I feel great,
Saw my horse do a great piece of work this morning, hit some nice shots on the range after the game and now watching some great golf.
As for the football, listened to the second half on the radio, it sounded like another poor display from us.
Just imagine playing in the EPL with this team.
Better for knowing only 4K allocation for each club in the play off final. What a joke. Lot of fans will miss out. 2k for hospitality/officials.
Still feel a bit gutted but was never confident even with the lead from the first leg. Horrible to lose big games but am not convinced a season in the prem would've been a whole lot of fun. The main reason I was hoping for promotion was because of the finances. Now that's not an option, I'm concerned about how we go about rebuilding the squad as we clearly have players that will move on. I hope the club have been planning for us not going up.
Disappointed. Disgraceful penalty decision by the ref - it would be great if he could find the courage to explain to us all wtf Kelly was actually supposed to do as an alternative. Mepham does what Mepham does. The second goal was a fluke as he almost shinned it into the net after Lerma had got to the ball first. One of those days where nothing was going to run for us.
Its a shame as 11 v 11 I think we had the measure of them. Brentford are a decent side but I saw nothing of the 'total football' the press continually gushed about. I was expecting Iniesta and Xavi to be taking the piss but it was nothing of the sort. If they get to the PL then they are in for a major shock.
What now for AFCB? I think we are at a crossroads and it depends on what sort of ambition and enthusiasm Max might still have. I just wish we had more to show for our 5 years riding the gravy train. I understand the dilemma of players v infrastructure and also how Structadene have us over a barrel, but here we are back in the Championship with a poxy little L1/2 stadium and even the 'state of the art' training facility has been ditched.
Anyway, looking forwards to away days (hopefully) at QPR, Brizzle, Biscuitheads and the Watford pikeys. Oh, hold on a minute....


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Can see why JW took Brooks off.

He's more of a flair player but lightweight on the ball, much better when we are dominating possession and counter attacking.

We simply weren't going to play to his strengths when we went a man down.

When its 10 v 11 you'll probably have to go long and pump the ball in the air more often, so for that reason I can see why he kept Billing on, given he is better both defensively and in the air than Brooks.
Not sure what Billing was doing today, it was the Billing that we’ve seen far too often unfortunately. That said, Lerma was only average which sums up his season.

The board need to have a long look at themselves. No excuses for pissing about now, they’ve had months to plan for this. Can't say I have any faith in them.

I must admit, I’m not going to be sad to see any of the potential leavers gone other than Smith

We should get some decent ish fees for a couple players, and bear in mind, there isn’t going to be many Champ clubs with much, if any, money to spend this summer