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Jesus Christ !!!

I'm gonna have to get some horny humour going on this God Awful medium V Soon before folk start heading for Old Harry Rock to commit some kind of Mass Lemming Soupicide...
Humans are destroying the Planet as we type.. and all divisions of World Society are on Death Row as that vein and resonating with my observances of 'online' 'communication' ( sorry about so many inverted commas- I'm hooked on them) .. ye God's some the trivial and hostile CRAP that gets spun between posters is absolutely preposterous.!

I've had a few sherberts dabs this day. . ..
No worries .. no bluesy woosey musing.. this coming season I'm gonna float so much piffle and mind polluting material on these ere threads that certain elitist coves will be tearing their hair out .. provoking such exclamations as " What the screaming F is this looney pric chuntering about Now?"

Stand from under.. hold tight Port and Starboard !
Lash yersens to the Mast !
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Was at the Canadian Open over the weekend wearing an AFCB polo shirt. Got quite a few "hey Bournemouth" (enjoyed that) which was replied to with "Premier League".

Met a few of the players including Rory and Matthew Fitzpatrick, neither of whom remarked on the colours. So I guess we are still not "all the way" there. :throw:
Never heard of them so I guess neither are they. :)

Matthew Fitzpatrick becomes second Englishman in 50+ years to win the US. Open Golf Championship.

I reckon even @DJ will have heard of him come the morning. ;)