Joe Rothwell

Blackburn fans (on their podcast) rated him as their best player, above BBD prior to him "downing tools" and wanting to leave in January. He left ???(Oxford?) to join Blackburn in similar circumstances, so maybe he is only as loyal as his contract, something we need to be very wary of with a number of our players contracts running down, it could upset the dressing room if Parker and the club don't manage it right.


Star Player
There’s enough to suggest this guy has something about him and on a free I think it would be worth seeing if he can translate that to the PL. We need to improve the squad as well as the team and he’s got more to offer than Pearson and Kilkenny (at this moment). There was a time our recruitment was a bit hit and miss but the recruitment team have a pretty good record over the past few years. I trust them and their judgement.


Def will be Kilkenny going out on loan... hopefully for a season long to a championship club... From what I read, he wanted to go out last season but was stopped...
Do they play the same position or is this more of a move on Marcondes situation? (Think Kilkenny will go out on loan regardless).


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Nottingham Forest - one hit wonders in the old first division - their euro exploits were also much easier when the competition only featured leagues winners. Apart from that they’ve won next to bugga all. Tin pot apart from 3-4 years. Only ever make weights in Div 1 - non entities like Leicester and Coventry back in their day. They have less domestic pedigree than the likes of Huddersfield- who they were also keen to ‘dis’ before the play off final. I can’t stand the whining, whinging twerps and hope they bomb next year - making the Derby lowest points scored look decent. We at least know who we are and where we came from