LAST MAN STANDING - Season 2018/2019 - The 4th Premier League Season - Game 2

All six go through again.

Audenshaw Cherry
Rugby red
Toronto John
Uttoxeter cherry

This weekend's fixtures are:

Man City v Everton (Saturday 12.30 pm)
Palace v Leicester (Saturday 3.00 pm)
Huddersfield v Newcastle (Saturday 3.00 pm)
Spurs v Burnley (Saturday 3.00 pm)
Watford v Cardiff (Saturday 3.00 pm)
Wolves v AFCB (Saturday 3.00 pm)
Fulham v WHU (Saturday 5.30 pm)
BHA v Chelsea (Sunday 1.30 pm)
Southampton v Arsenal (Sunday 1.30 pm)
Liverpool v Man Utd (Sunday 4.00 pm)

Good luck

It's not just picking the big boys, KC, it's when you pick them. :sneaky:
i.e. Arsenal 1-1 v. Wolves knocked out a big number of players.
That’s very true. If I remember rightly Chelsea drawing at home to Everton also knocked quite a few out that week. I wonder though if things could be speeded up by having a rule to say that once you’ve picked a team to lose you can’t pick them to be on the losing side again. I think this game is just as much about the little boys as the big boys. I put my survival down to being continually able to feast on low hanging fruit like Fulham and Huddersfield.
That's an interesting one, nimzo, and certainly true this year. Although I wonder if we would go from a 9-week pool to a 4/5 week pool if we did so. We do survivor pools over here mostly for American football, and there is always an element of strategy, trying to look a few weeks down the line so that you don't end up in a cul-de-sac. The offsetting strategy is to simply go for the best pick every week and let the other guy make a mistake. Then there is just dumb luck. I enjoy a drawn-out game ..... as long as I am still in it of course! Good luck this week.
All the bets are in:

Audenshaw Cherry Liverpool Man City Newcastle Everton Chelsea WHU Arsenal Wolves
Hakey Watford Man City Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea Spurs Man Utd Wolves
nimzo Liverpool Man City Spurs Everton Chelsea AFCB Arsenal WHU
Rugby red Watford Chelsea Liverpool Everton Man City AFCB Arsenal Spurs
Toronto John Watford Man City Liverpool Everton Chelsea AFCB Man Utd Spurs
Uttoxeter cherry AFCB Everton Liverpool Man City Chelsea Spurs Man Utd Watford

For the record, we did have one game that lasted only three weeks.

Good luck

All six through AGAIN, although Spurs did leave it until the last minute.

Congratulations once more to:

Audenshaw Cherry
Rugby red
Toronto John
Uttoxeter cherry

The Christmas period is upon us and therefore I have included two sets of fixtures. You don't have to put both in straightaway but it will save me having to panic over a busy period. I will update after the Sunday game.

Round 18

Wolves v Liverpool (Friday 21st December 8.00 pm)
Arsenal v Burnley (Saturday 22nd December 12.30 pm)
AFCB v BHA (Saturday 22nd December 3.00 pm)
Chelsea v Leicester (Saturday 22nd December 3.00 pm)
Huddersfield v Southampton (Saturday 22nd December 3.00 pm)
Man City v Palace (Saturday 22nd December 3.00 pm)
Newcastle v Fulham (Saturday 22nd December 3.00 pm)
WHU v Watford (Saturday 22nd December 3.00 pm)
Cardiff v Man Utd (Saturday 22nd December 5.30 pm)
Everton v Spurs (Sunday 23rd December 4.00 pm)

Round 19

Fulham v Wolves (Wednesday 26th December 12.30 pm)
Burnley v Everton (Wednesday 26th December 3.00 pm)
Palace v Cardiff (Wednesday 26th December 3.00 pm)
Leicester v Man City (Wednesday 26th December 3.00 pm)
Liverpool v Newcastle (Wednesday 26th December 3.00 pm)
Man Utd v Huddersfield (Wednesday 26th December 3.00 pm)
Spurs v AFCB (Wednesday 26th December 3.00 pm)
BHA v Arsenal (Wednesday 26th December 5.15 pm)
Watford v Chelsea (Wednesday 26th December 7.30 pm)
Southampton v WHU (Thursday 27th December 7.45 pm)

Good luck

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