LAST MAN STANDING - Season 2019/2020 - The 5th Premier League Season - Game 1

Welcome to our 5th season in the Premier League.

Who would have believed it?


Congratulations to last seasons winners. We all start again from scratch.

All players (new and old) are welcome! Anybody can join and the game sheet is wiped clean when a new game starts. You can choose any team from the Premier League.

A reminder of the rules:

1. Your first entry must be in before the start of the fixture you have chosen. You need to come back to this thread after every round of fixtures (providing you have survived the previous week) and pick another team for the following round of fixtures. Just remember you cannot pick a team you have already used previously in this game.

2. All full(ish) Premier League fixture weekends will be used.

3. Win only! Draw or lose and you're out. In the event of an abandoned game (This is, of course, the Premier League and this won't happen) the result at the time of the abandonment will be used.

4. You can only pick each team once in each game. So keep track of which teams you have already picked. You can pick a team that someone else has already picked. It just means you cannot pick that team again in this game but this will be reset at the end of each game. Normally, a game will last 7 or 8 weeks.

5. I will keep the article updated with players and the teams they have picked.

6. If everyone remaining is knocked out the same weekend, they will all be put back in, with the exception of those who have not made a choice in time, for the next week until we have a winner.

7. If 2 or more players somehow make it through 20 matches, then they can pick from all the teams again.

8. For those that haven't picked by the cut off point they will be knocked out. This ensures only committed players continue to play.

9. If a game is postponed, then only those who have chosen one of those teams, have until the cut off time to change. If they don't re-submit, then sorry but they are out. (That means you are out BEFORE the games start and, therefore, in the event of nobody guessing a winning team, you will NOT be re-entered the following week's games)

10. If more than 50% of the fixtures are postponed (not that they will be in the Premier League) then the game will be deemed unplayable for that set of fixtures only and all survivors will be put through to the next set of fixtures.

The overall winner is the LAST MAN STANDING

The first set of fixtures for the 2019/2020 season are:

Liverpool v Norwich (Friday 9th August 8.00 pm)
WHU v Man City (Saturday 10th August 12.30 pm)
AFCB v Sheff Utd (Saturday 10th August 3.00 pm)
Burnley v Southampton (Saturday 10th August 3.00 pm)
Palace v Everton (Saturday 10th August 3.00 pm)
Watfod v BHA (Saturday 10th August 3.00 pm)
Spurs v Villa (Saturday 10th August 5.30 pm)
Leicester v Wolves (Sunday 11th August 2.00 pm)
Newcastle v Arsenal (Sunday 11th August 2.00 pm)
Man Utd v Chelsea (Sunday 11th August 4.30 pm)

Good luck