LAST MAN STANDING - Season 2020/21 - Game 7

The entries were:

davidwhitehead AFCB Norwich Watford
deancourt Watford Norwich AFCB
DevizesRed Watford Norwich AFCB
LesTheChap AFCB Norwich Birmingham
Lord Snooty Watford Norwich AFCB
Toronto John AFCB Norwich QPR
table AFCB PNE Boro
TrueCherry QPR Wednesday AFCB
Unfortunately, Table, who already had nose bleed for being in the third round of a game was a faller on Saturday, leaving just 7 players and riders left. They are:

Lord Snooty
Toronto John

For some reason (and I do not want to know why) many games are not being played at 3.00 pm on Saturday. I hope it does not make a complete Horlicks of our game, but assuming that they will play at some time over the weekend, these are the next set of fixtures. (I will attempt to update kick off times when they become known.)

Reading v Cardiff (Friday 6.00 pm)
Blackburn v Derby (tbc)
Brentford v Millwall (tbc)
Luton v Watford (tbc)
Boro v QPR (tbc)
Forest v Huddersfield (tbc)
Wednesday v Bristol (tbc)
Stoke v PNE (tbc)
Swansea v Wanderers (tbc)
Norwich v AFCB (Saturday 8.00 pm)
Rotherham v Birmingham (Sunday 12 Noon)
Coventry v Barnsley (Sunday 3.00 pm)

Good Luck