Lets talk about... Eddie


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Just look at what it's like on here if a player or manager hints that they didn't have an AFCB duvet cover when they were little. Wherever he goes he'll have a short honeymoon period and people are less likely to forgive a poor start if they think he'sessed them around from the start. Steve Bruce at Sheffield Wednesday springs to mind.
It's ok ....if they're anything like us they'll blame their board for fcking up the negotiations.
Eddie Howe has delivered ten years of the most dramatic and exciting footballing miracle ever and is quite simply an absolute hero and legend of the Club. I thought we should have moved heaven and earth to keep him and let him build us back again and deliver his ambition of a new ground and training complex. I always said any Club Eddie moved to would become my 2nd team but never thought that would be North of the border but what the heck. Come on you green and white hoops.
Lo they're not going to like that!
From what was reported a few days ago, think they were expecting him to start next season.

You probably will be getting a revitalised manager, who puts all his time into his job, in first and early at our club and the last one out to turn the lights off.

You are getting a very good person, as well as manager.

Just a pity he couldn’t have that break and restart the 2021-22 season as OUR manager.
Josh did talk about wanting European football often enough.
You'd like to think he'd score plenty up there, but I wonder if most SPL teams would sit deep against Celtic and thus negate Josh's strengths (as we saw this season to some extent).
King has shown this season that he can score against league 2 opposition, so he should bag a hatful up there.
It would be a massive culture change joining a team whose nearest competitors last 8 years were Aberdeen and who cowardly voted their Ancient rivals to Scottish League 2 to try and get 10 in a row. perhaps he thinks they're wrongun's who have been playing FIFA on beginner mode for too long.