London Cherries

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Fans' Favourite
30 miles away in the Buzzard here. Along with Stevie B and 'Mad Nick' originally from East Howe. Seen another family with AFCB stuff on. Best Supported 'random' club here as far as I know (Random as in not the big London or NW clubs, Villa, Watford, Luton or MK Dons!)

Robbie S just up the road in MK.
I stayed for a few weeks with a friend in the old Arsenal stadium and left one day to go to an away game and there were two other guys (who didn’t know each other) also leaving wearing AFCB kit/scarf. Was surreal.

That was the only time I saw another Bournemouth fan in almost 15 years of living in London.

Now moved to Winchester and see a few fans round here.