My dad…

Wonderful words Neil. My dad passed away a while ago but he’s with me all the time - and certainly every game. It’s tough but a great source of strength and love too.
Condolences and warm wishes to you and all your family.
Sorry to hear Neil Lost dad nearly 5 years ago It does get easier but it still hits now and again Lost MIL yesterdaywhich is different but so hard with a 4 year old Remember the good times
Beautifully written Neil.

My dad is a rugby man so wasn't a factor in my becoming an avid Cherries fan. However I have fully indoctrinated all of my kids and I love the idea that my passion for the club will live on through them and maybe even my grandchildren one day.
Lovely words Neil and condolences to you and your family. My dad took me to see Afcb in 1966 against his home town Scunthorpe. Ironically his very last game in 2011 was also against Scunthorpe. One of my huge regrets is that he never got to see us in the Premier League but I like to think he’s still up there watching and your dad will be there too. Thinking of you and your lovely family
I wish you all the best. My Dad was a Coventry City supporter although he lived in Blandford in the later part of his life. He introduced my brother to Boscombe in the early 70's and in turn my brother invited me to a game and after that I was hooked. I have enjoyed your writing and I am sure your Father was proud of you. All the best.