Nathaniel Clyne

Sometimes these kind of signings flop but hopefully it's a winner. Whatever the outcome, I applaud the thinking as it feels like the perfect solution to the current injury situation. Exactly the type of player who should thrive in our system. Let's hope he does!
I think he'll be a large success for us - didn't he start at Soton? So not a big club player all his career. Will hopefully show the attitude Wilshere did while he was with us and give it everything. Either to show Liverpool what he's about or to earn a full deal with us or somewhere else.
Exactly what I was hoping for !
A Premier League ready loan player to cover our defensive shortage until the end of the season, who knows, perhaps with an option to buy if both parties agree to it further down the road ? A really, really good result to get somebody in who can make a difference for us almost immediately.
Very well done to all involved in this deal !

Neil Dawson

Fans' Favourite
Great signing. He was tremendous up there against us a few times...remember thinking seeing him close at hand how good he was.

Clever move by Liverpool as well, imagine if he keeps Sane quiet and then crosses the ball for Solanke to head the winner against City at home.

I knew I shouldn’t drink at lunchtime....