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Neil Dawson

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I’m in Aberdeen...paying homage to the birthplace of weeman. No statues I can find yet but just a matter of time.

If someone else could crown Lewis Cook mom that would be appreciated ;)
Lewis played well, constantly involved. Lerma made one mistake, otherwise a good match. Thought Smudger had a good game. Stanislaus looked in good nick, classy finish for his goal. Ibe frustrates everyone around me then cleverly won a pen. Simpson had a ropey spell second half, giving the ball away at will. Franno was great, made numerous forward runs. Mings fine but a rash tackle for the pen. Callum class when he came on, bullied the centre back which led to the sending off and ultimately the 3rd goal. Great to see Pugh and his quick feet back. Nice cameo from him.


Fans' Favourite
Lerma covered a lot of ground and a good mix of passing.
Cook worked hard but didnt create much or work the keeper with his shooting.

Rovers won the midfield battle
Cook was near faultless, not quite top notch but not too far off. One absolutely unreal turn second half to open the game up, and some lovely through balls throughout. One effort just wide of the near post (although maybe greedy with others better placed?)

Lerma did ok but got caught out for the first Blackburn goal. Having sidestepped the press time after time, this time he got pressed and just got robbed. Had it not been for that he would have been up there with Lewis. Lerma looked better positionally and more at home with Cook than with Surman, no tripping up over each other. But still the individual error did lead to a goal.

Whether one or both as a pair will get into the side Monday or soon we'll have to see. But it looked to have potential as a combination IMHO.
Cook did really well first half and finished strongly. Both of them went missing a bit early in the second half. I'd say Cook gave a good enough account to be knocking on the door. Lerma still bedding in so wouldn't want to criticise him too much but if I was picking the best central pair now without too much about bedding Lerma in I'd have Cook and Gosling. To be fair to Lerma he is different to anything else we have and could easily turn into a world beater.
None of the defenders covered themselves in glory. Felt Mings missed an opportunity to go above Franno in the pecking order. Simpson looks extremely uncomfortable on the right of the back 2 which is a concern for his future progress given our squad balance

I feel Cook and Lerma took a while to get used to each other’s game, but after 20 mins did show signs of forming a good partnership. Lerma made an individual error for the first goal but don’t let that mislead you into thinking he had an overall bad game.

Of the attacking players Stanislas was the clear standout. I think he’s played his way into the Palace starting XI. This means an attacking trio of Fraser, Brooks and Stan behind Callum
Strange game - should have won this comfortably but neither Mousset not Defoe looked sharp enough to take any of the many first-half chances. Mings was pedestrian - did he make a single move upfield? Lerma less good than earlier performances and surrendered the ball for their first. Jack Simpson seems almost completely dependent on his left and looks panicky at right CB. Lewis Cook pretty good, though not outstanding IMO.

But Stanislas looked excellent until he tired and Callum was lively.

Negatives - we've conceded eight goals in three games, two of them penalties. Positives - the B team finally won through, even if with three forward substitutions. Palace will be a different challenge.

Finally - strange atmosphere, very passive crowd until the last few minutes. Credit to Blackburn - they played the ball around, showed patience and kept us all quiet.