[non] asking for a friend...........

any suggestions on a couple of nights stay with decent fine dining in the area without breaking the bank ?

Hilton ??

Over to you.................
the prem inn boscombe is great, and you can take watever meal you want into the firky shed if you ask nicely ;)


the old priory in wareham is nice.... but depends how strong your bank is
Captains Club Xchurch ain't too bad ,push the boat out,then Steins at Sandbanks,(maybe not ,you will have to get your cash out)
Loch Fyne Canford Cliffs if you like seafood.
Indi's in Westbourne give a different slant on Indian cuisine whilst still maintaining the basics.
Chinese,go for 1805 ,up the cliff behind BIC.
Pig on the Beach Studland.

Not cheap, but ticks all the boxes if you want quality.
Staffing issues currently I think, must be geared to meeting stayers, no just dining?
Was impossible to speak to anyone on the phone.
Head office reservations not much better.
Gave up.

we were very impressed with Loch Fyne a few weeks ago.