Non - Brexit

Yes, the season ticket analogy concerns the benefits that membership of an organisation bestows and is directly related to memebership of the EU

You are talking about a question of employment. The UK is not an employee of the EU.
Hmmm, you’re using Derek logic now which makes it difficult to get into reasoned debate. You accept that we are not part of the team, just paying guests. I view it differently,
I do not understand to what you are referring to by "Derek logic" and ask you to desist if is a personal attack on myself or "Derek."

Stick to the arguments.

Surely, Britain pays, and is still paying, to be a member of the EU, therefore the country should be awarded the same rights, courtesies and benefits of any member.

You are talking about a person who is paid by an employee and then, effectively, goes on strike. The two scenarios are quite different. It is not relevant to Britain's membership of the EU.
I think it might be worth noting that Politics across the river, especially in France are in complete disarray too. We are not attempting to walk away from Paradise!
Its not really about The EU or the Nations that are In or Out of is about the careers and selective exotic bank 'accounts' of the main players first and foremost.....most of that is discussed behind the scenes.....
Deflective bulls#it about £ 39 million and such...thats just a few polite stats for Joe Public and Paulo the Peasant to peruse. The 'real stuff' between the 'IN the Loop' individuals and the Premier League Mafia will never be known by us. Putins boys will be around the ' parties ' too!
Mr Mogg tries so hard to transform that hang dog expression into something more grief stricken ! These guys are not what they seem and not necessarily representing what they know you think they represent!
The EU is very much a Giant Naughty Gentlemans Club !
I wrote, "Donald Tusk does not, and will not have, the backing of all the other 27 member states for his announcement that interferes in votes in the British Parliament."
ok, so no-one backs him etc... or did you mean some do, some don't? If so which ones.

And how does his announcement "interfere"? I'd argue it doesn't at all. It may try ad influence but it plainly doesn't interfere.
Whatever happens over the next week or two, Theresa May's days as PM are numbered. I think it will do her health a lot of good if she quit too.
Let somebody else have a go.
Mrs May: You can say what you like about this lady...ok she is as self serving as the rest...but for others in both parties to continually say she doesnt know what she doing...but cannot offer up any alternative is only strengthening her resolve! Its comedy ..listening to these 45, 50 and 60 year old MPs standing in front of cameras stringing together words and sentences that mean absolutely Zero....empty criticism!
To shift or deflect from purpose, a woman who got to be Home Secretary and then PM over quite a long period of years is going to take a lot more thought and invention than the limp vacuous patter floating across the Westminster air between MPs and journalists!
Tusk....needs to acknowledge that this country gave opportunity to thousands of his Poles when there wasnt much wealth around Warsaw and Wroclaw. I will in return acknowledge that many of them brought skills we needed. I worked with one for five years repairing factory machinery..good bloke...I helped him with his English...but would he have been so well accomodated in France or Italy for example?