Prediction League - 2018/19

The Prediction League returns for a tenth season.

Last season DJ became the first person to win the competition for a second time.

cherrydownunder, Starch, Meerkat Red, zzzzzz, mannafanna, DartGuru and rednblackexile are the other members of the Prediction League Hall Of Fame.

Just like the Attendance Competition, there will be a small prize from the club shop for the winner! But don't forget it is all just for fun!


State what game you are predicting along with your score prediction (result at 90 minutes for Cup matches).

One guess, per person, per game. First guess is your only guess! If you edit your guess, your answer will be void.

Guesses have to be entered no later than 1 hour before kick off.

No-one is allowed to complain about the scoring (unless it is obviously wrong, if a mistake has been made a polite PM to myself will suffice! )


Predict the correct home score = 1 point
Predict the correct away score = 1 point
Predict the correct goal difference = 1 point
Predict the correct result = 2 points


Person A guesses that Manchester United v Chelsea will finish 1-0 to Man Utd. It finishes 2-1.

Person A will score 1 point for the correct goal difference and 2 points for the correct result, meaning Person A picks up 3 points for the week.

Person B guesses 1-0 Chelsea.

Person B will score 1 point for the correct away score, but misses out on everything else, thus picking up 1 point for the week.

Person C guess 2-0 Man Utd.

Person C will score 1 point for the correct home score and 2 points for the correct result, scoring 3 points in total.

Person D goes for 2-1 gets it spot on and picks up all 5 points...and so on and so on.

So the competition is now officially open...
Boscombe 6. Cardiff Lamb Daddies 0

We need 6 to go top for 1st time in our history as I feel Liverpool might hit 5 v West Ham.
If I get this right it might get the Drivel scanners orf my case!!!