Premier League 23/24

Almost as incredible as AFCB having a chance to finish 13th - after sniffing around at 8th/9th for a month or so.
Chelsea are not in our stratosphere despite their vulnerabilities these last 2 years - we've had 2 fairly recent wins at Stamford Bridge in the past but they're the biggest club in London because Arsenal have never won a European Cup or a PL title for 20 years
It was funny to see Brighton's NSC complaining about Chelsea fans in the home end last night, they finally realized that Sussex/ Surrey has alot of Chelsea fans and they're a 2nd team. At least here we acknowledge this area is flooded with United and Liverpool so we can only go so far but they think 35k of them were all Brighton through and through and die hards at the Withdean Athletic track.
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Well, that was that. Now, it is just a case of who stays and who goes. And that is just the 'supporters' who will do the summer flounce for sailing, golf and other non-sports. Despite the results, our players, certainly, were not on the beach.

Seriously, it is all about who we bring in to cover the obvious weaknesses that we have. Fix some of those and we could have an even more exciting season coming up. Just as important is the resolve to keep the outstanding performers.

The close season is set to be as exciting as 23/24 undoubtedly was. Can hardly wait until the fixtures come out. Let the good times roll.