SwipeStation’s ‘Click & Collect’

Its a good idea, but it will still involve people taking ages at the screen, not knowing what they want until they get to said screen and having their mates shouting over and adding to the order right at the end meaning they have to start again. Service is only as slow as the customer is to decide what they want.


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Waited ages to get to the till on Saturday only for the numpties in front to wait to get to the front before discussing what they wanted.

Saw a few people us the click and collect. Got saved way before me.

A little tip. Download the app before the match. Downloads aren't that quick when competing with 10,700 o the mobiles for a signal.
Downloaded app prior to the game... sorted half time order in the pub prior to the game... sent QR CODE screenshot to my mate, who was going down first at half time, prior to the game... got under the stands just after half time... seamless order waiting...

It just takes a tiny bit of thought and it works. The only thing to moan slightly about is you still have to take a ticket to the counter and then they prepare what you want... instead of having pre-poured beers etc. waiting. It should send the order thro to them as opposed to the ticket system... however, it’s a step in the right direction.