The Bourne Recollection - Yann Kermorgant

Is that settled once and for all that the stadium and training facilities are important to players but not nearly as much as the manager, players and style of play of the team?
Not sure if it's just because my emotions are running a little high at the moment with everything that's going on in life but the way he described day-by-day what he was feeling when he heard he'd been dropped for the first PL game really got to me. I found it raw and deeply honest in a way you don't often get from footballers and it put a genuine tear in my eye when I read it because you could see how much it hurt.

Too often you'd simply hear something like 'It was difficult but I had to accept it' but he gave us a window into how deeply it affected him over the course of several days leading up to the fixture. A reminder that these are humans and not robots and they way they are treated can have a huge impact.

If I dare, you may also have to question a little how it was handled. It sounds like it was left a little too late to tell him when seemingly it was the plan all along. I know it isn't fashionable to ever question EH but everybody makes mistakes.
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Thanks. I love how he calls it Dean Court throughout even though he joined in the sponsorship era.

Also, I don't remember us as rumoured to be after Grabban in the August of getting promoted but it sounds like it wasn't that far away from being a deal. So, far from Grabban being an emergency just in case Afobe doesn't work out January signing, he was a high priority part of the long term plan. I guess that makes his failure to even get much in the way of starts even more surprising.