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And that led me to thinking about another cheery little ditty about the times we lived in during the 70's and 80's:

Saw Greg Lake and Gary Moore at the Winter Gardens on the tour to promote this album. What a night, two fantastic players doing what they do in a hot, smoky, packed auditorium, 17-year-old me stood front and centre loving every second and going home with a couple of Gary Moore's plectrums (plectra?)
Bournemouth Town Hall was another place to watch bands.
I saw this band there. The Pirates.
Mick Green could play
rhythm and lead at the same time.
Many have him as their favourite guitarist, Wilko amongst them.

Several now defunct venues in the greater Waterloo Estate area (sometimes known as east Dorset or BCP) have been mentioned. Anyone recall when Poole Tech hosted gigs?

Best band I saw there:

The Village Bowl the place to go to if you liked Punk Rock.
I went there twice a week.
Lost my early morning job because of it.

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Probably my favourite 'local' venue ever.

Fantastic times for a young music fan prepared to give anything a go.

Punk just blew me away.

Within a few weeks of going to the Bowl regularly I had The Clash next to Crosby Stills Nash and Young and The Stranglers next to Steely Dan in my record collection.