The Never Ending Jukebox, track two.

Was watching the CNN "Tricky Dick" biography of Nixon, and happened across this. Very pretty, sad song, I have it by Simon & Garfunkel, never knew there was an earlier version. S&G do it in their classic style, but this is so much more raw.
Been wanting to see Steven Van Zandt in concert for a while, finally got it last night. E-Street Band member, solo artist, writer, composer, producer, actor (Sopranos, Lilyhammer), has his own satellite radio station. Perfected the Jersey Shore sound with strong horn section, plinky piano and soul-laced lyrics.

Here is something from his new album where you hear the Jersey influences and also the great Phil Spector stylings.

This is from a couple of years back with Southside Johnny, for whom Little Steven wrote many songs. Southside is one of the great bar bands and does the Jersey Shore sound like no one else.

Little Steven and his band will back in the UK in late August - Manchester, Oxford, Newcastle, Dublin, Cardiff. Well worth seeing live.