The Never Ending Jukebox, track two.

Two nights, two shows .... getting far too old for this.

Lots said about Slash on this forum, much of it by me, he has his critics but it is a great show for guitar-based rock fans.

Great fun to see Slash using the double neck on this one. And an excellent vocal by Myles.

This one is more about the story than the actual track so bear with me. The names involved may be more familiar to those of a slightly older vintage. I'll be honest, I genuinely have no idea how well known the main protagonists were at height of their fame, all I know is this story filled out with a little help from wikipedia etc.

Way back when the 60s were swinging and before my Dad met my Mum I get the impression he was, shall we say, enjoying life in London. Through a club he was working at he got to know a singer by the name of Vince Edwards. Wiki has him as J. Vincent Edwards but Dad always referred to him as just Vince so that's what I'll use here.

They become friends and at some point the group Vince was part of, The Answers, were due to cut a single called 'That's What You're Doing To Me'. However, come the day of recording the bass player was, shall we say, indisposed. In desperate need of a stand in and knowing my Dad played a bit of rhythm guitar he asked if he would fill in. My Dad said he'd never played bass before but Vince told him it was a simple track and was sure he could do it. They rehearsed for a couple of hours and my dad ended up playing bass on the single.

Not a lot happened with that track but the only other single from The Answers track (sans my Dad) called 'Just A Fear' definitely appears to have garnered some attention.

When The Answers broke up, their guitarist Tony Hill went on to join an apparently very influential band called The Misunderstood, managed by a certain John Peel before he was a dj. Meanwhile Vince went on to become well known for starring in the musical Hair and released a series of singles.

My Dad never actually had a copy of the track he played on but when suffering from ill health a few years back told me the story and asked if I could use that new fangled internet thingy to find a copy for him. I did manage to get in contact with someone looking after Tony Hill's stuff and they told me, in a very nice way, I'd find it next to the rocking horse ****. Then, after a few years, I finally found a collector with a copy who very kindly emailed me an mp3. Happily Dad was fully recovered and has since enjoyed listening to it.

I'll just add that it seems a huge coincidence that it was such a rare track and the collector who replied to the email was called Vince. It could well be the man himself!

It felt like the kind of story some of the music nerds on here may enjoy. If you've heard of those involved let me know since it fleshes out the scene even more for me!

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A week since we had an entry, so here is a track from one of my favourite bands from my youth. Status Quo, saw them at Butlins when they were known as The Spectres back in the 6os.

I know I'm an old softie but this give me goosebumps and it's quite moving.
I think there is hope for the human race watching this. Chris Martin and Coldplay with Emmanuel Kelly. What wonderful guys. A song for Moira Kelly.

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