Two more performances like that...

Exactly this. We saw a spirited and creative performance tonight. If City didn’t have D Silva we could well have won it! Just needed the odd bobble of the ball to go our way. Two cup finals left, play like that and we can still do it!
We didn't get the rub of the green, never seem to get that bit of luck. It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I do like Surridge he is not afraid to get in the thick of it. The goal difference is more or less the same. We still have a chance if we keep playing without fear.
Never have I celebrated a consolation goal with such enthusiasm before. To walk away only 1 goal worse off was something I would have taken before kick off.
A great performance, disappointed we didnt get the equalizer, but incredibly confident right now.
Come on Weat Ham.
If West Ham beat Watford on Friday, we might only need 3 with them still to play City and Arsenal. 6 and we stay up imo. Tough ask though, as it stands probably still favourites to go with Norwich.
EH and JT have take a lot of flack recently, tonight they must be wondering where these players have been since Christmas.
Come on lads let’s take that into the next game UTC
I agree.....but.

We came by this system/formation through desperation at HT against Leicester, and it brought success (albeit with a chunk of good luck). Would we have played that way by design, both then and tonight? Could/should we have tried it earlier in the season, or earlier after lockdown?

Who knows, but the players seem to be in tune with it now and how fantastic was it for the subs who came on to not only keep that momentum going but notch it up a level. We were desperately close to an equaliser.

Lots of positives to take into the Southampton game, and let's pray for a big WH win. Will Ake get the nod over Cook?
I am actually disappointed we never took something from that,I thought City looked appalling at the back. It was possibly our attacking play but I don't think it was we never really done anything special. I will take a bit of optimism from the fact that we give admittedly an under-strength Manchester City a game but at the end of the day another round of matches passes and we haven't picked up any points and we are still in the bottom 3.

Sorry for the pessimism it is just how I feel right now, I am not someone that is going to jump for joy because we only got beaten by one goal.


Fans' Favourite
It's been good to watch the last 4 or 5 games and good to enjoy watching us again, some of the best stuff we've played in 18 months.

Pleased that we're giving it a go. Frustrating that it's come so late.
It was good to watch the Newcastle and United games?!?

Are you a complete masochist?
I'm with him on the United one. There were genuine seeds of us reemerging then, especially in the first thirty minutes. We looked really solid and if we'd kept it even until half time it was the kind of game where anything could happen. Sadly heads went down when the first one was conceded in a way that didn't happen v Man City. Still, there was signs of encouragement which was something to cling to after the prior horror shows.