Unusual disliking of other club(s)

No matter how tenuous the reasons might be, which other club or clubs do you have an unusual particular disliking of, and why?

I'll begin with Mansfield Town, after some chump tried to steal my scarf when I was about 10.


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Leeds United...many reasons including the 70's team and Revie (crook)
...then the carnage that occurred at DC later in 1990 cemented my dislike!

Arsenal...just because I hated them being referred to as 'The' Arsenal, (and all that bought with the arrogance of coach Don Howe and players like Henry and Pires)when they should be still south of the Thames as Woolwich Arsenal!

more connected to AFCB I have grown to dislike Watford a bit!
Burnley. For Sean Dyche's constant whinging and those stupid VAR decisions. Not a fan of their brand of anti-football either. And still not forgiven them for stealing half our midfield all those years ago. Oh and they drink Benedictine with boiling water for some reason.
I couldn't immediately think of a club but yes you're right with Burnley, at least this incarnation of them under Dyche. All the controversy in our games that they seem to benefit from doesn't help.


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Bertie Mee was their manager in the 70’s and at that time, I went to school with his daughter Alison who I was really good platonic ‘mates’ with. We were both part of a larger group that did everything together.

I heard through the grapevine that her father disapproved of her hanging around with the likes of me and the rest of our group and that she should have been friends with a better type of youngster. I’m afraid the ‘ill-feeling’ that I had towards Arsenal anyway, became hatred after that.
Probably not that unusual but Gillingham - Hessenthaler, Scally, sh-it town, crap ground, did the double over us in our 86/87 promotion season say no more. Always brings a smile to my face when I see they have lost.
Add to that..they relegated us in the 69/70 season when they won their last game at Leyton Orient who were already Champs..and were ' on the beach'....but I reckon it was fixed tbh.! ( I think it was a Monday night rearranged game!)
I couldn't believe it....picked up a newspaper next day in Portland Dockyard cafe...just stood staring at the result...I almost passed out...end of an unbroken spell of almost 50 years in Div 3..and Div 3 South !