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Up The Cherries !

Welcome to AFCB Vital, The AFC Bournemouth Vitals website on the vitalfootball.co.uk network

The UpTheCherries Forum is our main AFC Bournemouth fans message board, which is open to both Cherries Fans and other teams fans

On Vital Bournemouth we have many different message board's for you to use. This is the "UpTheCherries Forum" where all supporters can discuss Bournemouth and football in general, however do expect some off topic posts on this board as well!

Off Topic posts, in general, are fine on this forum, although the Alerts Team at times may well move an off-topic thread to the Inn Off The Bar Forum to try and keep the balance in favour of football.

To login you have to be registered with the website, which is quick and easy, via the link at the top of his page.


This forum, as per our terms and conditions, is an unmoderated forum.

You acknowledge that Vital Network Ltd has no obligation to actively monitor any User Generated Content (UGC) however we retain full discretion to delete such UGC, without dialogue, at any time as granted within these terms and conditions. However, a user is solely responsible for any legal risk associated with the UGC they create, worldwide.

You may however alert us to any UGC you believe is against our terms and conditions and needs to be removed. You can do this via the alert button on all posts.

1 - Excessive swearing WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This board is open to anyone with internet access. It's one thing swearing after a match whilst having a blowout - it's another having it in every post regardless of the subject.

2 - If you have a problem with the site or any member of the forum that you want to try to sort out, you can use the pm function. This is the correct way to address a grievance, not starting multiple threads on the various boards or by having digs within topics. If you have a complaint to make, alert the post or pm the site editor. ARGUMENTS IN THREADS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

3 - This is a forum for discussion. That means most of the time, most of you won't agree. Most people will debate the issue in hand as befits a discussion forum don't make your threads personal. If you are unable to reply without making a personal comment about somebody's belief then don't reply and save us all the favour of having to read it. You can ‘attack’ a fellow members' point of view, you cannot attack them for having that view.

4 - On every post submitted to the forum you will see an alert button (top right). Use this function to bring a particular submission to the attention of the Alerts Team. Please do not abuse the function, and please set out your reasons for believing the submission is contrary to Vital Network's terms and conditions

5 - Our Alerts Team help us respond to alerted submissions as promptly as we can, we will not tolerate them being abused.

We execute all alerts based on the terms and conditions of Vital Network Ltd. If you disagree with their response to a particular alert, feel free to email DJ.

6 - Can people remember as well as quoting the source to copy and paste the article LINK into the thread please and don't cut and paste the WHOLE of someone else's article on Vital, it is a copyright infringement.

7 - Multiple LOL's, yeah's etc etc are not a suitable answer to a persons comment, either say something or don't post.

8 - This forum can be very busy at times, please refrain from starting threads if that topic is already in discussion. To keep the forum easy to follow, some threads will be merged.

9 - Enjoy. Don't abuse others, if you don't like a poster, just don't read/reply. This is meant to be fun and we are all adults (allegedly!). You can also add them to the 'ignore' list (click on their username, then you'll see the option to add to ignore list)

10 - No porn site links, pictures or illegal streams please.

11 - Please don't use cap locks in replying to threads or in the subject headings.

12 - NO TEXT TALK at all please.

13 - Keep the use of an avatar (personal image) and signature, suitable for the public domain. The use of anything offensive, antagonistic or spam will not be tolerated.

14 - Do not spam. No blatant (or subtle) advertising. This includes posting links to other message boards.

15 - Multiple registrations (usernames) are prohibited and are grounds for immediate account deletion.

16 - We are a community: It goes without saying that we will not tolerate any postings of a homophobic, racist, confrontational or violent nature and any instances could result in your account being suspended/deleted.

To view the full terms and conditions from the Vital Football Network - Click Here.
Quoting Articles - Please Read

I've been asked by Vital to remind every one of point number 6.

This is to avoid anyone getting in trouble/infringe copyright.

SO PLEASE DON'T quote or copy and paste a whole article. Quote a part and then link.


The story of Bournemouth is quite an incredible one, culminating in their rise to the Premier League this season.

After almost dropping out of the Football League altogether in 2009, the Cherries are now mixing it with the best sides in the country after a staggering transformation.

Then link to the rest

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