Wilson and Solanke

I know it was only a friendly but I thought the link up play between Solanke and Wilson yesterday was very encouraging. Solanke seems to be very comfortable dropping into the number 10 role and acting as the support striker, I think he could turn out to be ideal for us in respect of taking our game to another level and playing with more fluidity between the lines. Again I know it was a nothing game but people seem to be able to write off players based on so why can’t I be positive!! Haha


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...I hope that when we reach the rigours of The PL come August then Callum, Josh and Dominic will have been moulded into an attacking threat in whatever combination that we use them.

I do have a worry about getting goals from midfield as Lerma, Cook, Gosling, and Surman don't really contribute many in the goals column...

Fraser and Brooks again will be key along with Ake to chip in with goals..

Maybe Surridge will get a few opportunities from the bench, although he still looks very raw?
It does seem as though we already decided to replace Mousset with Solanke in January, it's just that we had Mousset on our books until he found himself a new club.
So on that basis Eddie obviously feels that Solanke brings more to the team than Mousset ever managed and decided to go for the upgrade. Fair enough but my concern is, if he is a replacement for Mousset does that mean he will also get a similarly small amount of game time ? How will we work Solanke into the starting lineup if Eddie sticks with King and Wilson up front ? When King and Wilson are both fit, they are also both more or less guaranteed to start. I'd like us to find a way to integrate Solanke into the team we have, I think he does have some different qualities, just not sure how we'll go about it or whose starting place he will take.
It will be hard for him to make much of an impression if we only ever use him from the bench IMO.
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The solution I believe is to move King out into the wide forward role of the front four. We have three players who are suited to that number 10 position but King isn’t one of them, great player though he is.
The solution I believe is to move King out into the wide forward role of the front four. We have three players who are suited to that number 10 position but King isn’t one of them, great player though he is.
I hope we find a way to give the lad a chance and define his role in the team, whatever that may be. If all we ever use him for is as a sub for Callum or King whenever the need arises, then IMO we're unlikely to ever get the best out of him - exactly as happened with Mousset, ironically.
Even if we played a 4-2-4 I don't see how Solanke gets in. He'll have to be happy being a sub for now, until someone gets injured (or really loses form).
No doubt he'll have his chance though.
Must admit I was very dubious of the Solanke signing due to his goal scoring record. Nothing so far in a Bournemouth shirt would disprove that.

However, given how Eddie likes to play 2 strikers but not necessarily 2 up front, I’m rather encouraged by how he links up with Callum as a no. 10. He holds the ball up well into his feet and seems to have the vision to play a forward pass too.

Reminds me a lot of Yann who very unfairly got pigeonholed as a target man. Both have far too much quality to be described like that and even if Solanke won’t prove the best in terms of goals, I think there are encouraging signs his overall contribution could be very effective.
I guess Callum prefers the 13? I was surprised when the 9 went to Mousset last year (instead of Callum) (and I guess Afobe before that).
Hopefully this number is an omen of good things to come from Solanke.
Just indicates how daft and unprofessional football has become....if numbers on shirts have to mean anything deep seated!
Id have them in different numbers each week...if only to confuse the opposition.

You could play the No 10 role ..you know..the position...in a No 3 or No 1 shirt ..why not ?
The goalie could wear 9...wtf?


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I still can't make up my mind over Solanke. Obviously want him to do well but it hasn't worked out yet. Always seems to be in and around but not quite the right place at the right time.
It was him and Lewis Cook that were devastating at U19/U20 level wasn't it? Cookie providing all the through balls and Solanke tucking them all away like a finely oiled machine?

I'm not thinking of Clavert Lewin or someone?