Wilson in the England Squad.

If ever a player deserved this recognition it's Callum, through all his set backs he always presented himself in such an approachabe manner, forever stopping for a chat, at the same time working so very hard on returning to full fitness. Callum Wilson not only Bournemouth's goal machine but possibly one of England's main strikers for years to come.
Well done Callum, after those 2 ACL's. Comes across as a really nice guy.

Straightaway, I knew he was a great player, in fact he made my fantasy football team at work that first season!
Should have had Yann too, but I screwed up there!
Good for Callum, but bad for us if he does well.
Maybe it has added some extra millions on to his transfer fee.
I think the regular players have been brilliant for us over recent seasons so deserve to go and have as much success as they want. Thus would only wish them well. Also doing well for England shows you can play for afcb and achieve international goals. I just hope Rooney doesn’t play at his expense.
Danny Welbeck looks like he's dislocated/fractured his ankle. Prob out for the season. Wonder if Southgate will call up a replacement or whether Cal will now get a game against the USA?