On Facebook news picture of him and what appears to be his agent on train to London,bit worrying but not unexpected in current spending spree !,
Will be gutted if that’s how it turns out, but I think you're probably right. The fact we’ve gone fairly big on Solanke sort of suggests to me that someone is on their way out.
Problem is if Wilson goes and until Solanke is fit, we’re a little light up top. Not sure Mousse is the answer...


Would be absolutely gutted to see him go, but if he does he will certainly have earned his big move.

Can see him staying until the end of the window though as Solanke is injured till February.
I really think there is a bit of unnecessary panic going on here. Chelsea are after Higuian. Once they’ve offloaded Giroud and Morata then they might come in for Cal.

Don’t see a deal being done this window. If it does it’ll be for a huge fee. We aren’t going to pay £19m for Solanke and sell Wilson for £20m!