Yay for Kickyball, and 'hip, hip' for 'South Coast Club'


Fans' Favourite
Like all of us 'Cherries' I'm well aware of the history of Association Football, and how it was invented at Craven Cottage one Friday evening in March 2015. I was initially surprised that such a young sport had such a large following. But luckily it seems that there's a few lads calling themselves 'South Coast Club' who shun the limelight of the press and keep writing about football before 2015. It's initially confusing, a little like how Sony Pictures keep rebooting Spiderman so I'm never sure which one is canon. These guys sound like they've almost convinced themselves so I'm going to listen to them

I keep seeing these educational articles on various blogs, and the 'South Coast Club' fans write that they also like my Boscombe, which is hardly surprising really. I mean they copied our kit a fair few times, first the stripes, then we changed from blue to black shorts, and they followed a few years later again. What? No it's not weird, who doesn't share clothes with their siblings. Normally it's the little brother borrowing the big brothers clothes but maybe the big brother wanted to look younger and hang around with 13 or 14 year olds

They keep talking about Portsmouth, who also play kickyball, I know them because Bert Chicken (Bournemouth legend from way back, in case you younger fans didn't know) went there to retire, having fired the Cherries to various divisional wins. Seems that they've never copied Portsmouth kits, which is probably the root of that rivalry. Like many folk who claim to hate each other they also have special words that shouldn't be used out of context. A bit like my wife and I have 'penguins' and 'gander' as words we only use at special times, normally when the 'special time' has to end unfortunately

I guess when my club has existed for more than 3 years we might start to get enemies too. Until then we've just got friends, and that's great, because friends fill buckets for us. The final piece of the Dean Court development was the fourth stand, this was wholly paid for by donations from 'South Coast Club', that's why we named it after their legendary striker Teddy MacDougall. I think he also played in MLS with Jermaine Defoe, so there's also a Bournemouth link too. But in reality I have to say thank you to South Coast Club for donating so we can finally be 'Premier League ready' in every department including our league position

I have to say thank you for all these articles. I see about four or five in the week before every game we play against each other, and that's why I feel the need to share it with my fellow Cherries, especially those who are more recent converts than me (I supported us way back in the Championship, see), and so might not be as learned. Some of them might only have seen two or three articles saying that you don't care. So I think they need to see the others so they're definitely certain. I mean if you don't shout really really loud about not caring no one will know you don't care. I don't want Cherries thinking you do care

Good luck for the rest of the year, except on Saturday, only joking, good luck Saturday too. You look like you need the points, so just like last season we'll try to help make sure we get to spend lots of afternoons together in the future. Though it does sound like you miss friends down the coast, so maybe you'll enjoy playing against them next season. Watch out for Bert Chicken though, he's pretty good

Cheers bruv
Thanks for loving us