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didn't expect my usual guess of 4-0 would come true last night but so glad it did,
yes, amazing! I vaguely remembered in my drunken haze someone predicted 4 nil! result!!
Hi, if you decide to do the West Moors/Wimborne thing, drop me a message and I could probably give you a lift from Bournemouth and back. I live near West Moors Park and walk my dogs there every day, your 11-year old would probably enjoy it, as it has Go Ape and a decent steam railway. You can also hire bikes and there are some excellent trails in the woods.
Thanks for replying to my chess thread - would be good to have you on board. So go to Then set yourself up an account. Next message me there and I'll get back to you. My username is Heathcliffe256.
Is the Watford ticket still available?
I received the following from Matthew Tong who lives in New York. "The ticket would actually be for one of my parents. They already have a pair in the Ted Mac but I wanted to take my wife and my parents kindly agreed to swap their tickets with whatever I could find so we could be sat next to each other."

Please reply to me or direct to Matthew aka Def_II_Royalz
If you are comfortable sharing your address I would gladly send you one. Use for confidentiality. Best wishes Chris
I've got a spare for today, if you're stil after one?
Aah, thanks for thinking of me, got sorted in the end this time
Hi, I know a cherries fan Wayne from Cheltenham is after a ticket. Tel 07500 775010.
Thanks Mark - i'm afraid its already gone.
I'm not going, didn't like the place, but if you're stuck give me a shout.

I've got a shedload of points so getting a ticket will be no problem.
Thanks for that KBG, appreciate it.