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Hi David: are you the guy who thinks I have friends in high places and says you have been reading my posts for some while? Well I have been trying to answer your questions and continually lose the link. I am computer illiterate and only enrolled 3 poss weeks ago the reason being I would like to know what’s going on nowadays at DC…. I used to cycle to DC 60+yrs ago
Hi there Charlian - no, the guy you are referring to is called Istabraq, and I have asked him if he has insider contacts at the club. He told me that indeed he does, but didn't give me any more I don't know if he's genuine or not !

60+ years, eh ? I watched my first Boscombe game at the age of 7, way back in 1964. We beat Port Vale 3-0 (Denis Coughlin hat-trick) and I was hooked for life !
We've got until the end of the month to get a few guys in, I'm excited about the prospects and at Christmas we'll be Rockin' around the Christmas Tree!
Hello Istabraq,

I'm often intrigued by your posts. I sense that you have some very good contacts within the club, maybe at high I right ? You remind me a bit of a former poster called UEL. You're not related by any chance ?
Hello mate

rarely post on forum but visit most days. Just wanted to say Thank You for the reports. Thought I would miss Neil Dawson's but you have more than filled that space. Don't apologise for the length - the longer and more detailed the better as far as I am concerned. Your analysis is spot on and your love for the team shines through. Keep up the excellent work!
As you can see, winning the lottery is much more likely than getting sick with any virus. It is important to be financially independent in these turbulent times.
totally agree with you mate---if we can see it why cant eddie see it--blind faith in players that just are nowhere near premier class---god do we need a striker--preferable someone who can hold up the ball and head it !!!!