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    Treads that fine line before his reputation precedes him and refs can't wait to book him (like Jeff). Would hate him in any oppo team but love his commitment.
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    Arnaut Danjuma

    Great player, definitely a winner and committed to being successful, but always sensed it was more for himself than the team (including how he celebrated). It's baseless but just a sense I got. One of the most natural finishers we have ever had and way too good for the championship.
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    Rugby referees have a lot more in their favour to be fair. More respect from the players (and fans) which is embedded across the sport; ability to use video referee properly; option to use sin bin as a much better punishment than yellow cards. Agree that the standard is higher though...
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    Also, I read that match report...."best written club site"?! Right. It's like the ramblings of a p***sed guy in a pub who's wife left him for Keith Stroud.
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    You put up a good fight but referee was just incompetent on both sides. Side leading wastes time in the last 15 minutes - wow, what a shocker. None of those incidents amounts to any obvious error that cost you (penalty turned down, disallowed goal etc.) and both Zemura and Willock should have...
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    Non - mental health and suicide

    This point is spot on. While I think the importance of mental health is being recognised more broadly in society, I still think the overwhelming majority of people see it as primarily something which people who are struggling with something (work, money, family etc.) suffer with and substitute...
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    That prat Stroud

    Agree. I thought he was just rubbish, not necessarily biased. Zemura could/should have got a 2nd yellow for sure. Rank incompetence throughout.
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    My dad…

    Sorry for your loss Neil. Very moving words and great memories.
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    Well done Fletch

    Couldn't agree more. It's like saying we shouldn't have black referees or linesmen because they might get abused. This is 2021, we shouldn't just expect racism as standard. If even remotely true this is depressing, but let's see if anything emerges from it. Surely the lad would say something...
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Agree on the header. What I liked was how hard he pushed it away from danger. There were a few Bego saves last year which were absolutely unbelievable, and none in that category last night but he is clearly a very good shot stopper. He claimed a few crosses well last night but still flapped at...
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Would've been a totally different final 15 if Billing scored, but good to see the commitment at the end. Zemura and Anthony immense again. Back 4 did well and Travers made some good stops, although ones you expect a good keeper to save. Still a bit flappy on corners though. Christie showed...
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    His Rafa Benitez "facts" moment.
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    Waz provides a lot of decent insight and is clearly a passionate AFCB fan. It's the hyperbole to make a point that winds people up. Plus he seemed to go through a stage of slagging off every one of our players and showing a lack of respect for legends like Cookie. That said, some posters...
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    Barnsley - The verdict.

    Just saw the highlights. Enough chances to win 10 games! Will need to be more clinical against the bigger teams but great to see us carving teams open down the wings again.
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    Joshua King

    Subbed after 53mins today. No goal in 14 premier league games. Don't normally take much notice of ex players, but after his hysterics last year, have to admit to enjoying this a bit. @Mark WFC - what's the early verdict?