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Hi David: are you the guy who thinks I have friends in high places and says you have been reading my posts for some while? Well I have been trying to answer your questions and continually lose the link. I am computer illiterate and only enrolled 3 poss weeks ago the reason being I would like to know what’s going on nowadays at DC…. I used to cycle to DC 60+yrs ago
Hi there Charlian - no, the guy you are referring to is called Istabraq, and I have asked him if he has insider contacts at the club. He told me that indeed he does, but didn't give me any more information...so I don't know if he's genuine or not !

60+ years, eh ? I watched my first Boscombe game at the age of 7, way back in 1964. We beat Port Vale 3-0 (Denis Coughlin hat-trick) and I was hooked for life !
We've got until the end of the month to get a few guys in, I'm excited about the prospects and at Christmas we'll be Rockin' around the Christmas Tree!
Hello Istabraq,

I'm often intrigued by your posts. I sense that you have some very good contacts within the club, maybe at high levels....am I right ? You remind me a bit of a former poster called UEL. You're not related by any chance ?