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    LAST MAN STANDING - Championship Season 2021 -2022 - Game 3

    Cheery Cherries, cheers : )
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    Was it "dark arts" when our skinny lad on the wing run up behind the big burly full back, whispered "boo", making the big lump's knees buckle and flap around looking for a free kick, as our young lad skipped away to score ? : )
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    Empty Seats

    Bring back Sellwell, I say : )
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    There doesn't seem to be so many "early risers" at Dean Court this season. Most of them are the same ones each match, to be fair to some, they look like they have mobility or balance issues and need to avoid the post match melee. There were more in the Prem days, mainly big club infiltrators...
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    That prat Stroud

    I thought he was going to wave all their players ( and linos ) up into our penalty area and take the free kicks himself, in injury time : )
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    Prediction League 2021/22

    A.F.C.B. 4 v 1 Cue. Pee. Arrrrrrh.
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    Attendance Competition 2021-22

    Undisclosed or 9229
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    The BO Team Selecta Competition 2021/22

    Travers Smith Cahill Kelly Zemura Lerma Pearson Billing Brooks Anthony Solanke Nylan Mepham Stacy Davis Roberts Lowe Christie
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    J.Lerma S.Malone
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    QPR ticket available if anyone needs one

    That's why I feel at home on here, with women's private parts like your good self about : )
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    QPR ticket available if anyone needs one

    No it didn't : )
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    Phew ! Managed to keep my 100% record : )
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    Zemura is the latest one to score 2 in a match, not sure he'll be the last ( unless you're even more in the know, armageddon wise, than I thought ) : )
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    Matchday Programs

    Anyone got a spare one, couldn't make it today, niece's wedding in Chichester : )
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    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    Kelly Cornick