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    Non - Clive Sinclair

    I built a ZX80. Set me on my way to a life in computing. Met him a couple of times, nice guy. My favourite anecdote was when he turned up as best man at a wedding having stopped on the way at a petrol station to buy some glass tumblers to give to the bride and groom lol
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    Non - Tino Anjorin

    Scores in the last minute to secure a draw in the Champions League vs Marseille.
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    Chris Hughton

    Eddies nailed on for the Forest job, he already knows half the squad!* *that maybe a small exaggeration for effect...
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    Sam Surridge

    Sky pundits, including Murray, say it was a pen. What planet are they on? Stoke making Barnsley look like a cracking championship side.
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    My dad…

    Condolences and thoughts to your family Neil. Sporting memories and trips to away grounds are often some of the strongest bonds we have. Not remembering much about a family holiday to Minehead but still talking about every small detail about a relegation trip to Carlisle.... RIP
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    At least we can all agree the one stand that's silent is the main stand ;)
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    Non - Bad driving

    There are just far less than when we were younger. Ive driven in 38 US sometimes feels like every 5th car is a cop/trooper/sheriff over there.
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    Non - Bad driving

    Ive made mistakes, we all make mistakes. Its how you deal with them that separates us. How easy is it to hold up a hand and say your sorry instead of giving someone the finger and blaming them instead? Ive twice witnessed terrible driving by a certain ex manager of ours who likes sunbeds. It...
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    Non - Bad driving

    Those videos never get old. Its surprising how many drive off from accidents too. I guess when you have one police office within 400 miles you feel you can get away with anything :) Its funny, Ive not driven much in Australia but I can spot somewhere ive been almost every video lol
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    Non - Bad driving

    Ive watched these channels for years. Love them. Im also 100% sure they have improved me as a driver. Not just hazard awarness but also not how to act as a driver! The best by far is Australian Dash cams though....those guys are literally the worst behaved drivers in the world and Australians...
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    Sporting achievements. Non

    There is a lot of talk that once Lewis retires, there will be no one to stop Max taking several titles. I think those people might underestimate Norris and Russell. The future is bright for the years ahead.
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    Non Emma Raducanu

    Again, if you read back I wasnt talking about you...
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    Non Emma Raducanu

    I clearly didnt say that did I? Maybe read my point again.
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    Non Emma Raducanu

    I love the fact that I make a comment about Medvedevs racist comment and overall on court behaviour and the immediate response from two people who dont even know him or follow the game is that they clearly dont care lol Interesting position to take.
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    Non Emma Raducanu

    Have you actually watched much of Medvedev's career? Honest question? You think you know enough about him to judge?