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    Summer Game

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    Jack Butland

    ...yeah like the famous Best quote I spent money on wine and women...the rest I wasted!
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    Racism in football

    Racism,Sexism, Agesim, and prejudice etc. exists in all human form and comes down to civilisation still developing and evolving, we are making prgress but flushing out poorly educated souls will take a few generations IMO...
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    Attendance Competition 2019-20

    v Citeh 10,661
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    Prediction League - 2019/20

    AFCB 0 Man City 3
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    Jack Butland

    ...let's not tempt fate KC !
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    Jack Butland

    ...not Pickford's fault that they got relegated! He obvoulsy got worked hard but responded with some great performances, subsequently ending up at one of the top PL clubs and being England's No1..
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    Jack Butland would have been easy to have punted on an experienced keeper, and many on here myself included wanted Butland, Pope, Heaton or someone in. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and as someone has said IF we had sold Asmir then I think Eddie would have moved for an available experienced stopper...
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    Bolton. Again. Non.

    ...sad to see the wealth distribution in football being so skewed by the top table only leaving crumbs for the rest to feed off wasn't long ago we were all screaming foul at the PL for taking all the money from the game. Obviously if clubs like Bury have lived above their means then...
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    I think that this will be last chance saloon for Roy (and even Denly?) as we need a more disciplined opener used to four/five day cricket...Sibley is waiting in the wings or even getting Vince or Jennings back? I agree that Anderson should be left out as we can't weaken the batting in any way...
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    Dyche on Diving

    ...ALL cheating should be stamped out of the game...diving,shirt pulling,blatant time wasting and conning refs into issuing red and yellow cards...but it never will be even with cure the problem only deducting points from teams will do the trick IMO....apologies to NWC98 only joking of...
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    LAST MAN STANDING - Season 2019/2020 - The 5th Premier League Season - Game 1

    ...okay hope i jinx it but....Man City
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    Dyche on Diving

    ...tell me as an outsider what do you think of the human race?
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    Dyche on Diving

    ...diving is part of the game, but things like Mitrovic rolling (from last match v Huddersfield) around trying to con refs into getting a fellow professional sent of should be clamped down on firmly by the rulemakers...with an automatic six match ban!
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    Team and Tactics for City

    ...agree with this, and use Solanke at some point too