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    All in all whats the point of a wall....

    ...and most keepers would have saved it too IMO...poor positioning the kick wasn't even close to the post or bar?
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    Match Report and moM v Newcastle

    ....maybe it was Goals on Sunday?...Kammy and Darren Bent felt it was a looked horrible on the replay tbh
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    Non - Brighton and Hove Infrastructure to Brighton played poorly but still showed enough grit and determination to win...that sort of fighting spirit can only help bond the team together....and THAT is what rankles with me when we try and put on performance for our cup games! We generally just let cup teams that we play...
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    All in all whats the point of a wall....

    ...most times a wall will block the shot, so yes I think it is needed...Boruc should have got closer to the kick though as if a player bends it over the top it is never going to be a rocket of a shot...looked like it almost floated past him!
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    Match Report and moM v Newcastle

    ...can't argue with much of what NWC says there..although Lerma lucky to escape a red card for his studs up tackle IMO when I saw it on MOTD Clyne had a shocker of a game!
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    Match Report and moM v Newcastle would seem obvious that Fraser and Brooks are 'targeted' opponents in their brief about how we play and how important that they are to our passing game. The thing that bugs me is that referees don't probably protect them from heavy challenges in games, even if they are legitimate. A...
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    Match Report and moM v Newcastle

    ..draw a fair result, the windy conditions made it difficult....our play looked sluggish and lacking real threat throughout the game. Brooks and Fraser look like they are being targeted for heavy tackling. Personally without a central midfielder to partner Lerma I would have played Ake in...
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    The silence

    ...every child born has no malice,hate,predjudice,ideology, all manifests itself through exposure to its parents,siblings and humanity’s ‘educational journey’...where it learns about religion,different races,the thrills of money and power...all humans are fallible and have destructive...
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    My 'Favourite' players XI

    ...he was an entertainer, I recall once how he flipped the ball back over his head to beat an opponent...for a player of his stature it was sublime skill...he also played with a smile on his face I recall...all about opinions I suppose!
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    [Non] Sol Campbell

    ...Karma for Sol Campbell, who must be looking at the sack soon?
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    My 'Favourite' players XI

    ...yeah there has been so many players that I loved watching like Jason Brisset...Alan Groves....Wade Elliott...John Sainty....who had real flair and true entertainment value...
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    Prediction League - 2018/19

    AFCB 2 Newcastle 1
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    Attendance Competition 2018-19

    ...v Newcastle 10529
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    Brett Pitman

    Brett will always be, in my opinion, one of the best lower league strikers ever!
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    AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle United will be n open game I reckon as both teams look to have thrown off the relegation worries and can play with relative freedom. It will be a good test for Ake and Mepham up against Rondon and Perez. I have a worry for our full backs as we really will need to push on to keep the attacking...