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  • No problem. Someone an hour ago posted an image of new block on sale with plenty of seating so you may be in luck. Feel free to give it a go if you wish and have it delivered to you
    Gary Butcher
    Customer number 31651
    (currently on 16 points too)
    If struggling to get a Villa ticket(as despite more on sale you need to allocate an account and you've already used yours for someone else) I can help. I've plenty of points and cant go, and you've been around here long enough for me to assume there is no risk here
    I can send you my customer number and name, you can link me as a 'friend' on club site and buy ticket against my account. Let me know. Rgds Gary B
    wimborne cherries
    Hi Gary,

    I do have 16 away points however I was due to work when tickets went on sale therefore a friend used my points.

    Due to a change of circumstances I’m now free however all tickets sold out early this morning.

    Many thanks for your message anyway and please let me know if you hear of any tickets going.


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