Vitals First Goal Scorer 2017/18


Fans' Favourite
With the first Premier league games just over two weeks away, it is nearly time for another season to start and another run out for this competition.

The rules are as before (except in respect of players with the same surname) and anyone can join in whenever they like.

Two fixtures will be posted each game round (always including the AFCB game) and you have to predict the first goal scorer or no scorer. If your prediction scores first you get 3 points, if he scores but not first you get 1 point and if he fails to score (or a goal is scored and you predicted no scorer) then you get 0 points.

Re our two Cook's & Smith's (or any others). Unless separately identified by name or initial, I will only award half points (ie 1.5 or 0.5) – even if only one is playing. Also if players of the same name are on the pitch for both teams and the entry does not clearly identify which is selected then I will assume, where applicable, that it is the AFCB player whom has been selected (eg the two King's in the Leicester game last season) or treat the entry as void should it be two other teams involved. Those are the rules that will be applied unless you put down identifying initials or first names.

A reminder that for Cup Games the FGS is taken up to the end of extra time if there is any. A "No Scorer" only counts at the end of ET and not at 90 Mins. Penalties in shoot outs do not count.

Predictions need to be in by kick off of the relevant game - including any revisions to original entries. Once we get to the last few games of the season in April/May, I will take PM entries if anybody wants to enter that way.

All the information will be posted on this one thread. If someone misses a week it doesn't rule them out of the running, you can enter as often, or rarely, as you like.

This will hopefully test your knowledge of all the teams as I expect each team, other than AFCB, to be selected about 6 times during the course of the season. There is no prize, but the winner will have bragging rights and hopefully we will generate some “entertainment” as we go.

The last three seasons have seen two wins for “Bognor red” (just beating “deancourt” into 2nd both times) whilst “deancourt” took last season’s title with “Bognor red” relegated to 3rd behind “Steady Eddie 1”. So can we get some new challengers at the top this season?

We will start with the following fixtures – I am posting the first three rounds just in case anyone is on holiday this month and wants to do them all at once although they can of course be done one at a time as usual.

Updates to be posted after every round when possible.

West Brom v AFC Bournemouth
Southampton v Swansea

AFC Bournemouth v Watford
Huddersfield v Newcastle

AFC Bournemouth v Man City
Chelsea v Everton

Predictions to be in by kick off of the relevant game including any revisions to original entries. Remember to use first names or initials where relevant.

Anyone can join in at any time and play as frequently, or rarely, as they like.