Jamal Lowe

I simply cannot get my head around this one. How are we getting him? How is the cost so low?

If this actually happens....hats off...its a huge signing.
The Swans fans seem to think he’s decent but doesn’t fit their system under their new manager. They seem to suggest he’s more of a wide player who can play upfront if needed. They paid £800k for him last summer and so they’re doubling their money for a player they can’t utilise effectively.

I guess that sort of makes sense as he’ll want to be guaranteed minutes but I can’t see SP dropping Solanke any time soon, so I’d imagine we’ll see Lowe as one of the wide players in a front 3, with a role upfront if/when Solanke is unavailable.


Fans' Favourite
He was one of the surprises of last season... really looking forward to seeing what he could do with a bit of service.....made most of his goals himself last season........ destroyed Watford and scored a goal against Cardiff that I don't think any other striker in the Championship would have the technical ability to pull off.....no back lift ..outside of the foot ...bottom corner...a thing of beauty.


Not a thread specifically for the player then? Rather a general thread about the transfer window gossip? One that will be lost in a week or two and one that some people may not dip into, where as a new thread specifically for an imminent signing makes sense no?
Yes, Lowe should have his own thread.

How else can we rejoice in the fact that we might be adding 14-15 goals to the plus column and Swansea, who are rivals don't forget, may be minus the same amount.
I can remember some Pompey fans raving about Lowe...and I think he was a key player for the two years he was there.
I will call my daughter tonight and get a Swansea angle on him.
I have a hunch this signing will be one of the best.
Doesn't fully explain the low fee but I can't help but think their new manager just doesn't rate him or get on with him.
Heard from one Swansea fan that they feel the owners are trying to loot the club. If that is the case, gotta feel for them.

Looks to be a good signing for us, good price and provides the backup/competition to Solanke that pretty much all of us say was needed. If he can put a shift in at right wing even better, may let Brooks get some time in an attacking midfield role instead of hugging the touchline. Hope he works out well!