Non - A question about Ireland, and best book to read

Unfortunately, contrary to some mod opinion...the deep rooted problem in Ulster is equally to do with Religion as it is Nationalism.
The Religion issue is subliminally, through publications and often directly by lecture, pushed onto the respective communities by Churchmen of varying layers...senior Church Leaders and those aspiring to be so.
I have regular conversations and updates from my son in Belfast, who was born Catholic but has shunned all religion and politics - he mixes freely at work and in leisure with Protestants...he says that many of the younger coming through are increasingly shunning religion so eventually that will die a death....but as long as, roughly speaking, the over 60's are around there will be the underlying tensions.
I suggested to him that tearing down the street barriers might be an idea.....but he says it's too soon for that.
Many of the older Church people need to wise up and come out of 1690...likewise many of the Politicians !