RIP - Peter Wicks

It is my sad, yet proud, duty to inform the assembled here of the passing of one of the greatest supporters of our club in modern times.

Quite a number of you knew him.

He was not a great online presence, but at matches from 1967 until his last appearances a season back, he was known as the really big bloke with the beard, hat, bag and notebook. The notebook being the way that he recorded his match reports that he wrote for the exiles club. Those who read them will know of his sometimes obtuse, yet eloquent records of matches long gone by.

I am grateful to have known Peter since 1971 when we met on an awayday at Swansea (which is very close to the place of his birth).

I could relate a zillion stories about Peter Wicks, but what better tribute than to say that he was pretty much part of the AFCB furniture for 40 odd years. He was there at all the triumphs, but more importantly all the great disasters. He was one of the 168 at Accrington and one of the 72 at Blyth. His view was always, 'well we' ve had worse' and he would know because he would have been there. Tuesday night at Orient in the eighties when we were about 40, New Year at Chesterfield when we numbered just 32, Maidstone (at Dartford) in the Mrs Miggins Pie Trophy and so, so many more that he attended but I cannot record as I was not as faithful a follower as he.

Those who knew Peter, will be familiar with his liking for a pint and his dedication to the cause of real ale. He always knew the best pub. How else would we have found the wonderful Fighting Cocks in Bradford? Many is the occasion when he said that we had time for 'just one more ' and then we had to run like hell to make the kick off.

If you did not know Peter Wicks then imagine a man who you could truly say had only friends and was one of the greats.

I could, and may, write more but I am still in shock.

Peter passed peacefully just after midnight on 22nd July in Salisbury hospital after a time of ill health (see paragraph about real ale coupled with an unfortunate genetic arrangement). But we should celebrate a Boscombe life well lived and he did get to see us reach where we are today.

For now, I will say that the funeral is at St. Leonards Church in Bulford at 14.30 on Friday the 9th of August. No flowers, colourful summer dress. All are welcome, wear your shirts and scarves.

I will miss you, Peter.
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I didnt know him well. .. but remember him being in pubs here and there in the 70s, in particular in Aldershot for League Cup game midweek...around 75 ish...he bought a pint each for 3 or 4 of us...after introducing himself...very friendly and had a presence you could not ignore...full on Cherry...RIP.
Wow, thats awfully sad news. Peter wrote a 'beer guide' for 'Out Of Court' and I got to know him through that and the Football Supporters Association.

A really nice guy.
I was introduced to Peter by my brother, who knew him through the civil service

Always friendly and smiling, always had time to chat

Had great taste in beer, too

A genuinely lovely man

RIP Peter
Met him many times over the years, usually in pubs at away games where he would lead his merry band of exiles. A great character and Boscombe through and through. Last time I saw him was at the FA Cup game at Pompey a few years back, he was giving me an update on good pubs in Salisbury !!
RIP Peter, a giant of a man in more ways than one.


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Sad news indeed.
Not seen Pete for many years, but in the 80's and 90's I would find him in a good pub near the ground on away trips.

A sad loss to the AFCB family.
Always sad that one of the long timers has passed on. I know the name and if I saw a photo, would know the face too no doubt. One thing is, I guess, he saw us in the PL after all those years of low level games. RIP.
I moved to East London mid 80s and joined the Exiles around 87/8. Met Pete soon after. I moved across to West London in 1989. Pete introduced me to pubs in and around Ealing and surrounding areas and also to the local CAMRA group. Introduced me to the Ealing beer festival. He has alot to answer for. I was fairly new to real ale (previously cider) but his suggestions were always good. At that time there were not so mainly pale ales, instead a good variety to try.

Used to travel with Pete with the Exiles. He knew where we were going and I just followed. Knew we would have a good day apart from maybe 90 minutes.

The last i saw of Pete was 2 after a mid week game getting into his car in Gloucester Road. Must have been 2 seasons ago.

Certainly a character who was loyal to his team through thick and thin

RIP Pete
Remember him from the 60s and 70s, a genuine nice bloke. If I remember correctly he lived in Barrack Road at that time. Sad to hear another long-time supporter has shuffled off this mortal coil. I echo the sentiments of davygravy as those of us supporting the team from long ago like Peter would probably never really have dreamed that we'd reach the dizzy heights we have. I shall think of him next time (later today) I raise a glass of real ale.