Tv games

Just seen you can upgrade to sky sports football ( if you haven't got it already) on a month pass for £18. Might interest some of you.


Ok, so, my understanding is (could be wrong), the broadcasting deal for the Championship includes 8 midweek games on Sky Sports’ red button.

That would of course usually mean, every midweek game being available, subject to iFollow etc.

But with the truncated season there will be more than 8 midweek games and thus not every game will be available. It’s not entirely clear when those weeks will be, but with the lack of any games being advertised this week, it’s not looking likely for tomorrow.
So probably another 3 games which won't be available to international fans on AFCBTV.
They said at the start of the season we'd get around 37 of the games, so missing 9 of them. This will make it 6 or 7 already? Either there's going to be a lot more games we miss or we're barely going to be on TV for the second half of the season.