Asmir Begovic

I‘ve just checked and it seems that, in Italian, ‘carisma’ can mean intelligent or community minded as well as its meaning in English. So it isn’t as bizarre as it sounds.
Macadam would beg to differ that it’d be the travers choice, tweeting “the search for a new keeper begins”
Well if Begovic goes we will need another top class keeper to push Travers or cover for him. I've a feeling we will get a new number 1 in , I don't think Travers has enough league experience, at least Ramsdale spent time at Wimbledon which was a great learning curve for him.
Inter Milan seem to rate him as a back up.

Another couple of goals let in at the friendly but there was some terrible defending for the first.

Begovic, rightly in my opinion, covered his right hand post more than his left as it was the defenders job to not allow a shot to Begovics left.

He was let down by the defence.

Not wanted here, doesn't want to be here.......

I'm not saying I am a huge fan of him, but wouldn't it seem he is here to stay? Starting this game, only senior goalkeeper in our books currently..

If he's going I'm surprised he went as Arter didn't..

I like Travers, but think we need a serious backup keeper if he is to be our number 1 this season.

Ramsdale went on two very different loans which gave him the experience which has excelled him into what he is today.
Travers has only been to Weymouth on loan a few seasons ago.. Big ask to thrust him into the championship starting 11.

Whoever is number 1 come Blackburn ill support 100 per cent as with any of the players.

Don't think you can read too much into him starting the game.

He let two in Travers none.

Given the financial implications between the two players I think Travers will get the nod.