Half way. Good season or not ?

Its been a strange season, I do think the injuries and subsequent loss of confidence has been critical, mainly due to who it affected as well. It showed how crucial Smithy is to the way we were playing for sure.

We have shown, when fully fit and in form, we are a top half PL team, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

If we were to sign a couple of decent additions in the next couple of weeks and do as well against the teams outside the big six as we have been, I still think a top ten finish would be an improvement, with more to come.
I don't think these last 2 months would have been nearly as tough as they have been (results and physical issues) had we got something from that Man United home game. It was a turning point, to play so well and put so much in only to lose it so late on.

Had we won or drawn that we'd still be ticking along nicely in the top half for me, having still seen several defeats against the top lot I'm sure, but also a few more points along the way.

Burnley away was just weird, one of those games where everything falls the wrong way. But that evened up by beating Huddersfield at home, when they were so much better, we absolutely robbed them.


Fans' Favourite
Another average season. I suspect we'll be around mid table by the end.

Form and injuries will hurt being top of the also-rans but there's so much churn at the bottom I think (hope!) we will sit just above it.


Fans' Favourite
Another average season. Mid table in the top division of English football. Feck me, people have short memories. This is all astonishingly good.
I didn't say that being average in the Premier League was a bad thing but feel free to be outraged at words you've put in my mouth.
So we had the easiest first quarter of the season of any Premier league Club and people were talking about the Europe League. We've had the hardest second quarter of the season and now people are starting to worry about relegation.

Neither are going to happen.
A very promising start has turned a bit sour, when we were on 20 points after 10 games I was hoping for 29-32 by today. So, not that far off that range. We need to draw a line under the last 10 games and look ahead to some potential wins at home, as the overall mood is certainly getting glummer. Am convinced we will be safe, still hope to challenge for a top 10 spot. So, I would say Good so far, with a overhang of concern about the injuries and confidence.